Meet Woodsy Owl

The Forest Service, through the National Symbols Program, has been the steward for all things Woodsy since his creation. Visit for activities, the history and resources for Woodsy Owl.

From Woodsy Owl’s introduction to American culture in 1971, he has spread awareness for conservation education through public service announcements and advertising campaigns. These vintage campaigns are available on the Ad Council website. Please visit the Ad Council’s website for PSAs featuring Woodsy Owl.

How Woodsy Has Grown!

Woodsy Owl has evolved over the years. As Woodsy grows with the times, he remains relevant and at the forefront of environmental conservation. Our original environmentalist has adapted his look and his message through the decades.

Scroll through the images below to see how Woodsy is relevant to air, water and land and to the city and the woods. He is urban, suburban and rural- he is just like all of us!