Woodsy Owl is accepting new licensees!

Woodsy Owl is the national symbol for environmental conservation education. Become an official Woodsy Owl Licensee, be a part of an iconic brand and help spread the environmental conservation education message. Sales from officially licensed merchandise assist in providing education for environmental conservation.

Licensees benefit from a history of 40+ years of American culture and social consciousness created by Woodsy Owl. Woodsy Owl is immediately recognized, trusted and embraced. “Give a Hoot. Don’t Pollute” is part of the American fabric since his creation in 1971. Learn more about the Woodsy Owl licensing value proposition.http://themetisgroup.com/woodsyowl/wp-content/uploads/2018/02/Woodsy-Owl-HandOut-2017.07.20.pdf

All categories of products and market segments are sought. To learn more about becoming a part of the Woodsy Owl Licensing Program, please click here.

The image and likeness of Woodsy Owl are protected and use enforced. Report unauthorized or questionable uses of Woodsy Owl to The Metis Group.


Woodsy Owl

Woodsy Owl Milestones

Give a Hoot. Don’t Pollute.

Lend a Hand. Care for the Land.

Both of these mottos conjure images of Woodsy Owl. Embedded in our national pride is the 1970’s song with Woodsy skipping along with a bunch of kids, enjoying the outdoors and being healthy. Listen Now.

As our national symbol for environmental conservation, Woodsy Owl is modeled as a caring, friendly and wise owl. He has his heart set on motivating kids to form healthy, lasting relationships with nature.

Woodsy Owl is unique. Did you know that:

  • He is relevant in the city and in the woods
  • He is the original environmentalist. Renew, reuse, recycle
  • He is bi-lingual, with materials in English and Spanish
  • He covers the complete environment – land, water and air
  • He is beloved by school aged kids
  • He appears in classrooms nationwide, reaching 3 million kids each year
  • He is aligned with the National Garden Club Poster Contest, encouraging kids to promote his environmental conservation message through a national contest for 1st to 5th graders

The Forest Service is introducing children to this fanciful creature. Woodsy is coming to you with simple, hands-on land stewardship activities–and there’s so much more ahead.

Woodsy ABC’s are released for educational purposes.

Hola to the bi-lingual Woodsy Owl!  Woodsy materials are now in English and Spanish.

Woodsy partners with the Head Start program, spreading his environmental education to the pre-kindergarten to third grade children.


Woodsy Owl evolves from a public service campaign into an environmental education program.


Woodsy is updated. USDA teamed with the Children’s Television Workshop to revitalize Woodsy’s message and appearance and become more relevant to children today.


Woodsy becomes sporty.  He gains a backpack, hiking shoes and field pants, being smart and safe while he explores the outdoors.

Woodsy Owl is recognizable to over half of American households as an anti-pollution messenger.  Public service announcements air on television and radio.

Woodsy Owl is created as an anti-pollution symbol on September 15, 1971.  “Give a Hoot. Don’t Pollute.” Becomes part of the American conversation.